Pre-training & Post-training

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Spanlabs specializes in conducting pre-training & post-training assessments as a part of the overall competency development mapping for an organization. While performing the assessment, we set the standards for objective, validated group and individual analytics on strength and weaknesses of core components of thinking and performing skills and also the mindset. We are committed to providing the assessment par excellence with a precision of thinking. We focus on providing our clients purely accurate results at the end of every assessment that we conduct. Therefore before developing the assessment model we take care of:-

  • Objective and purpose of assessment
  • Validity, fairness, and reliability
  • Significance
  • Efficiency

We provide a client-specific assessment as per their demands and needs. The organizations keep altering their recruitment processes and training process based on the assessment reports that they receive so it is upon us to deliver the best quality assessment.

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Pre-training & Post-training

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To suit the clients’ business requirements, we provide customized assessment. Because one single type cannot suit all the clients and would to fail to fulfil their needs. The customized assessments include strategies with various approaches including both alternative and traditional. It is upon the client’s specified requirement which one to choose. While providing this, we realize the core reasons behind each and every client’s requirements for the customized assessment.